ArbiterSports Announces Record 10 Million Officiating Assignments During 2014-15 Season

Popular athletic event management leader reaches record athletic assignment milestone and continues steady growth in high school and collegiate athletics.

St. Louis, MO – July 27, 2015 – ArbiterSports today announced that they have reached a new assigning milestone, with 10 million officiating assignments made during the 2014-15 season using its popular assigning tool, ArbiterOne. The announcement, made during the NASO Summit 2015, marks an important occasion for the athletic event management pioneer that began facilitating the officiating assigning process in 1984, and has since added six additional products and hundreds of thousands of users.

“Being able to see the growth of our customer base and widespread use of our officiating assigning product has been a testament to its value and effectiveness to those who use it,” said Jeff Triplette, CEO of ArbiterSports. “As we continue to expand our product offering and give our customers what they ask for, we have no doubt that the numbers will continue to grow.”

In addition to recognizing a record number of officiating assignments made using its products in a single athletic season, ArbiterSports acknowledges that the feat would not be possible without its dedicated technology, customer support and sales teams; and most importantly, its loyal customers who provide valuable feedback to make its products better. The company will continue its commitment to make assigning easy and hassle-free for the assigner and official.

ArbiterSports’ officiating assigning product, ArbiterOne, is available from ArbiterSports.