ArbiterSports Announces Acquisition of PayOGFE

Simplifies payment processing of collegiate athletic event workers

February 10, 2015 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports today announced that it is acquiring PayOGFE, a privately held company that handles payments for game officials and other staff workers within a number of collegiate conferences. Details of the acquisition were undisclosed.

“Our industry customers are continually demanding systems that enable them to do their jobs better and faster,” said Jeff Triplette, President and CEO at ArbiterSports. “This acquisition is indicative of our mission to dramatically streamline and simplify all aspects of athletic event management, including payment  processing.”

As a result of the acquisition, collegiate administrators will be able to pay all independent contractors working at sporting events electronically within one unified system. The time and cost savings of this solution will amount to thousands of dollars annually.

“We have created a significant presence in the electronic payment segment of the market by solving a real need,” said PayOGFE founder, CEO and President, Steve Pace. “The timing was right to combine our efforts and bring a unified solution to the industry that spans all aspect of athletic event management.”

Current PayOGFE customers won’t experience any differences, as ArbiterSports continues to operate the PayOGFE platform to which they are accustomed for some period. Over time, ArbiterSports will work to integrate and streamline the way payments are made across all sports organizations to ensure time and cost savings are realized using its ArbiterPay™ platform.

“Our PayOGFE customers can expect a smooth transition as our companies work closely together on a solid solution that leverages our strengths,” added Pace.

About  ArbiterSports

ArbiterSports, the leading provider of game management solutions, helps athletic departments and sports leagues simplify the process of scheduling games, assigning officials and paying all participants.  The complete product suite, which includes ArbiterOne™, ArbiterGame™, ArbiterPay™, ArbiterWorks™ and Arbiter360™, delivers control and visibility over the entire game management process. ArbiterSports products are built on a cloud-­‐based system that allows secure access from anywhere and provides seamless integration and add-­‐on features. Sports associations, commissioners, assigners and game officials rely on ArbiterSports to do their jobs effectively. For information,

About PayOGFE

Founded in 2003, PayOGFE℠ is a premier payment provider for Collegiate Division I sports organizations that compensate game officials and other independent contractors who work sporting events. The company’s flagship product, “GamePay™, offers increased automation, productivity and accuracy to what was primarily a manual process of processing and reporting officiating game fees and payments. The fully integrated payment and reporting system significantly improves management and control of the payment process, while reducing the time and expense of paying game officials. For more information,  visit