ArbiterSports has been in the business of technology in athletic events for a very long time. Whether you’re in the accounting department looking for an efficient way to pay your game officials, a game official wanting an easier way to manage your schedule, in charge of an entire organization or league, or you play any other part in the game, we have something that can help you. Hundreds of thousands of sports leagues, associations, and other people in the business use the suite of products that ArbiterSports has to offer, and have grown to love things like easy mobile access, attention to fans, training programs, payment options, and management and assigning tool. What we at ArbiterSports also have is a networking opportunity for people like you who want only the best performance in their game management solutions: ArbiterCon 2017.

What’s ArbiterCon?

ArbiterCon is an event for the leaders of state high school associations and national governing bodies. It’s held at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and attendees will be staying at a hotel not too far away, if they need to travel. Here is some of what you can expect from your conference experience:

  • Information and updates on new ArbiterSports products. If you like what we have and want to see more, you’re in luck. Conference attendees will be some of the first to know about our next innovations in game management.
  • A look at our future plans. We can always be better and work harder than we do. Get a look into how constant improvement looks at ArbiterSports.
  • Software development process. Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes of your ArbiterSports programs? Get a sneak peek into the processes that make our products work.
  • Product training. Are you new to the ArbiterSports suite of products? Do you have questions about one of our systems? The conference is the perfect place to learn more.
  • Expert presentations. Ongoing training is important to anyone from athletic directors to athletes, no matter how experienced you are. Learn from some of the best at ArbiterCon.
  • Roundtable discussion. We can learn a lot from our teammates and peers as well. There will be opportunities to have discussions with a lot of great people in the business of athletic events management and referee training. Everyone can come away with fresh ideas.

When is the 2017 Conference?

ArbiterCon is normally held in February, but this year we’ve moved it to April 12th and 13th (Wednesday and Thursday). These dates worked better for our student pre-participation registration, which is new for this year. Wednesday will have sessions in the afternoon followed by dinner and entertainment; Thursday will open with breakfast with sessions and lunch in the afternoon.

Does it Cost to Attend?

The great thing is that it doesn’t: there is no cost for the conference except what it takes for you to get here. ArbiterSports will provide each organization with one night’s lodging on Wednesday with one or two rooms, depending on how many staff members from your organization attend: ask the hotel about extending our special room rate if you want to stay more than one night. Dinner is provided on Wednesday and breakfast and lunch provided on Thursday.

Want to Learn More?

Online registration for ArbiterCon 2017 will close on March 21st, 2017, so make sure you get in on this as soon as you can. If you miss the deadline, call Spencer Evans at 801.702.8025 to see about getting in regardless. If you can’t make it to the conference, don’t worry. The ArbiterSports line of products can still help you with your athletics event management processes and game official training goals. For more information on everything we have to offer or a demo of our products, call 800.576.2799 or email