Officials and Assigners are now able to communicate and coordinate more quickly and easily via mobile technology.

Sept. 7, 2016 (Sandy, Utah) – ArbiterSports, the established leader in athletic event management solutions, announced the availability of its new ArbiterMobile app in both iOS and Android platforms. The product is designed to make all the critical information officials need to fulfill their assignments available to them via their mobile devices.

“Officials are mobile, and with ArbiterMobile we can now operate the way they do and keep up with their pace,” said ArbiterSports CEO Jeff Triplette. “We’ve always been focused on easing the communication and coordination burden between assigners and officials, and this mobile app is our latest solution to fulfill that commitment.”

ArbiterMobile lets officials accept or decline game assignments, review their game schedules, view game location information, access crew contact information, check their ArbiterPay balance, and even see who is responsible for payment at each event, all from their mobile device. In addition, assigning organizations can keep officials up to date on the latest game information, send them alerts, and interact with them the way mobile officials want.

“We saw the need to get current game information into the hands of our mobile officials faster,” said Vince Kristosik of Southern Nevada Officials Association (SNOA). “Now that ArbiterMobile is available, we’ve purchased it for all 1,000 officials in our association. We believe it will save us a lot of time coordinating assignments, and our officials should like the convenience of having key information more readily available.”

ArbiterMobile synchronizes with any iCal calendar app, so officials can use the productivity tool they prefer without having to view assignments on a separate calendar. They can also select how they are notified of game changes and cancellations on their mobile device.

ArbiterMobile can be purchased in app stores for $9.99 annually or at where multi-year purchase discounts are available to officials. Volume discounts are also being made available to large organizations that wish to provide the app to all their officials through a single purchase.

About ArbiterSports
As the leader in athletic event management, ArbiterSports helps athletic departments and sports leagues dramatically simplify the process of managing athletic events, assigning officials, paying event workers, and informing athletes, families and fans. The product suite, including ArbiterGame, ArbiterOne, ArbiterPay, ArbiterMobile, ArbiterWorks, ArbiterLive and Arbiter360, delivers unprecedented control and visibility over the entire athletic event process. ArbiterSports products are built on a powerful web-based platform that allows secure access from anywhere and provides seamless integration with the ability to add features. Sports leagues, commissioners, athletic directors, assigners, officials and event workers rely on ArbiterSports to do their jobs effectively. Call 1-800-576-2799 for more information.

Press Contact:
Jason Gillespie
Director of Marketing, ArbiterSports