New feature lets officials control how much money they want to transfer to their cards.

December 16, 2016 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports today announced that officials who use an ArbiterPay Prepaid Debit Card are now be able to select how much money they place on their cards, giving them greater flexibility and control over their finances. Once an official completes the online transfer to his or her debit card, the funds are available immediately on the card.

“Because the ArbiterPay debit cards are accessible from ArbiterPay online or from ArbiterMobile, they represent one of the most convenient ways to access funds in their ArbiterPay accounts,” said Jeff Triplette, CEO at ArbiterSports. “Users expect more options and flexibility today, so this key feature gives them even more options.”

To transfer money to the ArbiterPay Debit Card, a user simply selects “send funds to ArbiterPay Card” on the ArbiterPay transfer page or the ArbiterMobile app. Users can use the debit card to access their funds, move their funds into a personal bank account, or split the usage between their card and their bank account.

“The funds are available immediately,” said Daren Jackson, ArbiterPay product architect, “so in some cases, officials could confirm their payment on their mobile device, transfer funds to their ArbiterPay Debit Card, and purchase their post-game meal using earnings from a game they just officiated.”

There is a $4.95 charge to sign up for the debit card, which will be shipped within 10 business days of sign up. There is a nominal convenience fee each time the card is used.

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