Dec. 2, 2015 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports today announced it will provide Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) member schools with ArbiterGame to assist them in running their sports programs. With this enhancement, each member school will be able to enter athletic event scheduling information once at the local level and have that information automatically roll up to the OHSAA. The solution not only saves schools duplicate entry, but also gives OHSAA greater visibility across the state so it can assist its member schools better.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with an organization with the reputation of OHSAA,” said ArbiterSports President and CEO Jeff Triplette. “Our solution will give the organization better, more accurate data across their entire state-wide operation so they can understand what is happening at the individual school athletic program level and make a greater contribution.”

OHSAA member schools, athletic directors and assigners will use ArbiterGame to schedule games, manage teams, create rosters, arrange transportation, change venues and times, send notifications, see officiating crews, communicate with other schools, pay game workers electronically, and track the entire process online. Each school’s account is connected to OHSAA’s administrative system so all data is updated automatically as it is input just once by the school.

“In addition to saving our athletic directors time and hassle associated with scheduling, ArbiterSports will enable us to run our programs more effectively across the state,” said OHSAA Commissioner Daniel B. Ross, Ph.D. “With these enhancements we’ll all be able to devote more time to our mission of fostering lifelong values among our student athletes.”

ArbiterSports has worked closely with OHSAA administrators to understand their unique needs and ensure member schools experience a smooth transition from their old system. Additionally, the cost to each member school will be subsidized, if not fully paid, by OHSAA for the foreseeable future.

Founded in 1907, the Ohio High School Athletic Association or OHSAA is the largest organizer of high school athletics in Ohio. The organization is entrusted with creating rules and regulations, as well as upholding the highest standards of conduct for student athletes, coaches, parents and communities involved with high school athletics. Its primary purpose is to foster lifelong values of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in the students of its member schools. For more information, visit

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