Assign your officials through ArbiterOne™ and pay them electronically using ArbiterPay from ArbiterSports; it is an easy and reliable way to manage payments to game officials. It also takes care of the state and federal tax reporting. So besides making your officiating team happy on payday, your bookkeeper will be happy all year long.

From elite college conferences to local recreation departments, ArbiterPay processes and sends more than $50 million each year in officiating payments, so you can look forward to payday again.

Paperless Scoring Keeps Your Team Ahead

ArbiterPay is the hassle free way to pay your officials, accurately and on time. No more aggravation, because electronic payments mean you:

  • Eliminate costs for paper checks, envelopes, postage and personnel
  • Never have to print, stuff, and address checks for snail mail
  • Never have to reissue checks that are lost or stolen
  • Automatically generate 1099s

Play By The Rules Automatically

Federal and state compliance is built right into the system, so it’s automatic. Better still, it is web based and always up to date with the latest regulations.

Security & Confidence -The Winning Formula

All funds deposited through the system are completely secure and fully insured.

  • Funds are held in trust by the Bank of Utah and can only be deposited in FDIC instruments.
  • What’s more, payers can request any and all funds at anytime.
  • ArbiterPay is available for transfers anywhere in the U.S.

Start Off Right And Stay In The Game

ArbiterPay installation and training are both fast and easy. The web-based platform provides continual software updates. The technology is proven, but tech support is available 24/7, just in case.