ArbiterSports has been leading the pack in
Sports Event Management technology for the
past 30 years.


Stay at the top of your game with our complete Assigning Solution

State Organizations

Handle your job with ease with our complete Conference Solution

Governing Bodies

Get a unified view of your officials and enforce policies and procedures with ease

Athletic Directors

Get your game on with a complete Athletic Department Solution


Organized communication for Scheduling and Coordination

Business Offices

Get a clear view of your organization with a complete Athletic Program Solution

What Does Arbiter Offer?

  • A complete suite of tools and technology that help Assigners, Coordinators, Athletic Directors and Game Officials easily manage all aspects of their responsibilities.
  • ArbiterSports provides you with the training, support and customization you need to implement your system successfully.
  • A single portal to keep track of your entire athletic schedule.
  • The solution can be purchased as a total package or implemented one module at a time.
  • ArbiterSports keeps you informed with everything you need to know with our mobile application.

Let’s Make Your Job Easier

At ArbiterSports, our primary goal is to streamline the process of holding sporting events. That’s why we deliver a complete end-to-end solution for managing the fundamental aspects of an event from a single login. This eliminates the frustration and inefficiency that as existed in our industry as a result of cobbling together different systems to do the job. We plan on continuing to provide the latest technology to help solve problems for our customers.

We love sports, just as much as you do. That is why we strive to make managing games simpler for everyone. From game officials to assigners to athletic directors, we take steps to ensure each person involved in the sport can stay focused, while we handle the busywork.

If you want to learn more about our powerful suite of products or view a demo or ArbiterSports in action, simply call us at 800-576-2799 or request a demo. With ArbiterSports on your team, managing and officiating games is really that easy. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out what our customers have to say by visiting our Who We Serve page.