As the ArbiterSports™ training and eligibility solution, ArbiterWorks is the go-to site for leagues and associations who want to keep it simple. Build an online portal where officials can register with your organization, access effective referee training and educational tools, and take tests for eligibility so they are prepared for game day. ArbiterWorks is the easiest way to publish and distribute eligibility and training content that is easy for your group to access and use.

Play By The Rules Automatically

Federal and state compliance is built right into the system, so it’s automatic. Better still, it is web based and always up to date with the latest regulations.

And Then There Is The Testing

Once again, ArbiterWorks keeps it simple. You can administer tests and quizzes to your officials and continuously monitor and report on their testing status. You can even customize the testing framework to match your organization’s testing philosophy. ArbiterWorks is the easiest way to keep your officials current and have the peace of mind that they know what they need to know.

Really Know The Rules

The ArbiterWorks searchable rules database gives officials online access to their rulebooks. Plus it shows references to particular issues and allows you to provide links from the rule to video examples. So, it can make your organization a learning environment without all the hoopla and it makes referee training an easier process. Your officials may even enjoy learning with ArbiterWorks.

Who’s On First?

ArbiterWorks lets you keep track of all the officials in your system, so you are never surprised by who shows up to officiate at your games. It provides an easy, step-by-step sign up process online for officials who are planning to work with your organization. Even new officials can be directed to sign-up to provide services to your organization.