Nearly 4,000 leagues and associations ranging from 6 to 21,000 officials currently trust the system to manage every detail of 5 million annual assignments. It is the choice of officials too; because ArbiterOne is so widely used, your officials are already using ArbiterOne with other groups and like being able to manage all of their assignments and blocks in one place.

Keep That Roster Buttoned-Up

No more mistakes and confusion because ArbiterOne lets you:

  • Get a complete view of all your officials, their availability, contact information and pictures, which will help with game official assignments.
  • Send out frequent, organized communication by email to your entire roster or any portion of it.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Accurate Scheduling

Anticipate and prevent scheduling conflicts and cancellations with:

  • Automated game schedule reminders, game change notifications and other critical alerts for all your officials.
  • Manual-Assign, Auto-Assign, and Self-Assign choices, depending on how much control you want over the assigning process and referee schedule.
  • The ability to provide all necessary game-related information, including maps to the game sites, partner and site contact information, game fees and more. You can even input travel constraints or let each official set their own.

Bonus Points On Pay Day

No more mistakes and confusion because ArbiterOne lets you:

  • Comply with your tax requirements.
  • Track game fees and generate pay sheets.
  • Process and distribute 1099s – or let ArbiterOne take care of it for you.
  • Calculate travel reimbursement.
  • Provide pay vouchers for schools and leagues.

It’s Game Central 24/7

Online access means:

  • Officials manage assignments and post their availability through a centralized portal.
  • Real-time access to schedules and assignments for groups, schools and leagues.

How Did You Play The Game?

Automatically generated evaluation reports track
and monitor the quality of service provided:

  • Catch problems early on with standard templates or customizable forms.
  • Collect evaluations from coaches, peers or observers.
  • Report ejections, sportsmanship, and other incidents.