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Carrie Underwood Gives Back by Helping to Fund Youth Sports

Carrie Underwood didn’t forget her roots. Sports were a big part of the country singer’s life as she grew up, and she wants to pay it forward to girls and women across the country. If girls have something like sports in their lives, they can be empowered to dream and do what they love now and in the future. CALIA by Carrie Underwood and Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation are committed to raising awareness of and supporting youth sports programs that struggle financially with a particular effort to fund girls’ team sports projects.

Have No Officiating Regrets

Regret gets to everyone, including referees. It’s even worse when you experience regret over something that could have been avoided. The key to avoiding regret in your refereeing career is to make sure that you’re fully in the moment and prepared for anything that comes up. Whether you’re looking for tips about how to handle strong personalities on the field, making big and even controversial calls, or taking the steps toward career advancement, there’s a lot of great advice here.

It’s In the Bag

Do you run around at the last minute looking for everything that you need for game day? Have you cleared out your bag from last season and haven’t put it back together yet? You don’t want to be on the road when you realize that you forgot something, so make sure that you’re prepared for game day by making sure that your gear and clothing bags are ready to throw in your car and go with you. Click through for a list of suggestions.

Manage Payments Electronically with ArbiterPay

Money is a tricky subject and one that not even those of us in the athletic event industry can avoid. Referees are looking for easy ways to manage their money, assigners are looking to save money and make bookkeeping easier, and everyone wants reliability. The solution is ArbiterPay from ArbiterSports. The online, paperless system cuts down on hassle and expenses from both ends and ensures that everything is on time and accurate; federal and state tax compliance are built into the system to keep all tax-related documentation accurate; and the funds are secure, insured, and accessible at any time. For more information or to give ArbiterPay a try, call 800.576.2799 or email