Sports seasons begin and end year-round, which means there is always something to talk about. Here are some of the stories that the ArbiterSports team thought you would be interested in.

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USGA adds video stations, chief referee to speed up Open rulings

The United States Golf Association, in an effort to avoid rules controversies, is making some changes to the way they officiate games. These changes are the result of twelve months of work and discussions on the ruling and communications processes. Thomas Pagel will act as the first chief referee and have the authority to make immediate decisions. Other changes include transitioning to a stationary referee model and the use of technology like video review locations and the use of tablets.

Take Back the Flag

Throwing a flag on the field isn’t as final as it seems, and there are some cases where flags can be picked up or ignored once they’re thrown down. Regardless of whether you’re an official in the NFHS or the NCAA, you can wave off a flag as long as you’re careful about it. Learn about the particulars of when intentional grounding, pass interference, and conflicts between officials can result in confusion with flags, and how to handle it.

The Debate: Hammer or Point?

The balance between personal style and making your calls clear to the players, coaches, and spectators is a tricky one to balance. Umpires start out their training learning about the “hammer” gesture in making strike calls, but as they become more comfortable with the rules their own style can show through. Some gestures work better for some referees; learning what looks and feels good to you can help you develop a recognizable style and have an effect on whoever sees you working.

Be a Competitive Athletic Department with ArbiterGame

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