As an athletic director, you know that your job doesn’t start and end on game day. You work with your state league, your school administrators, your athletes and their parents, and many other people with opinions and needs before and after an event.

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your organizational needs, the complete Athletic Department Solution from ArbiterSports will knock it out of the park. Here’s what we include and how it can work for you:

Stay In Control

The ArbiterSports solution was designed to give school athletic departments like yours an edge. Stay in control of everything leading up to game day. We provide a convenient way to manage student athlete pre-participation registration. Plus, ArbiterSports makes the process paperless and saves athletic directors time and hassle while ensuring compliance with state athletic regulations. You can manage game schedules, teams, rosters, and locations; review your officiating crews before they step on the field or court; arrange transportation to get everyone where they need to be; send out notifications, maps, contact information, and venue information to the people that need it–and track it all online.

Pay With Ease

Make sure that everyone on your team gets paid with our easy, reliable, and cost-effective payment management system. The ArbiterSports solution is online and electronic, meaning that once you put their information into the system, your officials are paid accurately and on time.

You’ll never have to print paper checks, stuff envelopes, pay postage, or reissue lost or stolen checks again. Our system is secure, fully-insured, updated often, and includes all the federal and state tax reporting rules and regulations. Plus, you can keep you accountant happy with automatically generated 1099s.

Look At The Big Picture

Managing logistics and paying your people are important, but an athletic department management solution wouldn’t be complete without a way to get the big picture, especially when it comes to long-term plans.

That’s where we can help. Get a unified view of everything that’s going on in your organization—you can keep an eye on official eligibility, game schedules, payment and fees, and usage trends across your organization and control who can see and edit what’s there. Ensure that the people in your department are complying with your organization’s policies and review your system’s registered users based on their activity.

All your information is organized and can be readily searched and filtered to fit your current task.

Be Mobile

Game management has evolved, and ArbiterSports technology is evolving to keep up with it. Keep everything you need to know at your fingertips with the smartphone-friendly version of our assigning application. Designed for busy, mobile people like you, our mobile platform gives officials the power to get notifications and updates in their pockets—and allows you to be able to contact them just as easily.

When you make changes to an assignment, including creating or cancelling an event, officials using our mobile platform can get those updates instantly, meaning that everyone stays in touch. You will also have a platform to immediately reach out to your athletes and fans no matter where they are, which keeps everyone happy.

Ready to Try ArbiterSports?

ArbiterSports’ Athletic Department Solution gives you all the organizational support tools you need to make sure game day, payday, and your entire athletics program run smoothly. Our tools are online and web-based, meaning that everything is unified, easy to use, and efficient. We also back you up with 24/7 tech support, so we are always here when you need us.

For more information on what we can arm you with this school year, or to try a demo of any of the products in the Athletic Department Solution, contact us by phone at 800.576.2799 or email