Whether you’ve been with us for a while, just started, or are looking for more options when it comes to your payments to officials and other sporting event workers, you’re looking in the right place. ArbiterPay™ makes your payment processes easier no matter what role you play within the accounting department. In fact, it can seamlessly integrate with your other software. The learning curve is minimal, but the rewards are great.

The best part about ArbiterPay is that it’s an easy, secure system to use. You won’t have to worry about a cumbersome manual payment process. Here’s an overview of how ArbiterPay works and how easily you can incorporate it into your accounting processes.

Setting Up

Setting up the ArbiterPay sports officials payment system is simple. The basic version doesn’t cost officials anything to use—not even a monthly fee or setup charge. Registration is open to anyone who takes part in a sports event, whether it’s preparing, officiating, or even cleaning up. Getting set up to pay or be paid is not difficult and the account information can be effortlessly shared between both parties. This makes it easy to give everyone what they need.


The ArbiterPay system is online and paperless. Gone are the days of printing and possibly reissuing checks, stuffing envelopes, and paying for postage. ArbiterPay is immediate, easy, and streamlined. What’s also great about ArbiterPay is that it’s secure—all of the funds that go into the system are FDIC insured and can be requested or transferred anywhere in the United States at any time.


No one likes doing taxes, but ArbiterPay can even help your organization with taxes and recordkeeping. When a participating organization pays an official through ArbiterPay, a 1099 will be generated automatically, which saves everyone from the headaches of preparation. The system will even generate separate 1099s for different clients to make sure that your information is as accurate as possible. What’s more is that ArbiterPay has both federal and state compliance guidelines built right in and updated consistently, meaning that you have less to stress about when it comes to the IRS.


We’re confident that we can work with the system you’re currently using and that it will always meet your needs. It’s easy to install, update, teach, and use. If for some reason this isn’t your experience, there is 24/7 support available to help answer your questions so you can get back to the game.
Contact us today at 800.576.2799 or sales@www.arbitersports.com for more information.