The athletic director is in charge of a school’s athletic department and everyone in it. Student-athletes and coaches take on dual roles in the athletic and academic programs of the school, and the athletic director also takes on many roles to keep everything running smoothly. Good athletic directors have a combination of fortitude, perseverance, organization, and level-headedness. Here are some of the other important parts of the job.

Typical Responsibilities

Athletic directors have to oversee everything that goes on in the athletic program. This can mean hiring coaches, scheduling, making a budget, promoting the school’s teams, making sure everything is in compliance with policies and procedures, and managing practice and game facilities. It’s a lot to handle, which is why the best athletic directors are people who thrive in leadership roles on top of enjoying sports. If you need a little extra help with the organizational side of the job, though, ArbiterGame can help coordinate schedules and manage other game details.


Every job requires some preparation. Most athletic directors begin their careers as coaches and teachers. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in education, physical education, or something similar, and some may earn a master’s degree in education administration or sports management. There are also sports management schools for those training to be athletic directors at the college level.


Making sure that your team gets the information it needs is integral to making sure an athletic department runs smoothly. Athletic directors need to be able to talk to coaches, athletes, parents, athletic boosters, school administrators, and even local media. Depending on the school’s level of competition, they also need to communicate the program’s vision, keep potential PR problems in check, make media appearances, and talk to administrators to advocate for things like new practice facilities or a higher budget. Communication is also a part of scheduling games and facility use. Tools like ArbiterGame can help athletic directors keep in touch with their management teams and fans. Whether you’re trying to ensure everyone can use the weight room or putting your team on the road, ArbiterGame can ensure that you get everything organized and send it out to your teams when you’re ready for them to see it.

The Perks

Athletic directors have a passion for sports, which can make a job of working with coaches and young athletes a dream. They take pride in helping teams of student-athletes achieve their athletic and academic potential by doing the behind-the-scenes work that won’t always get recognized. Being an athletic director means being proud of every athlete and coach in your program and showing it in everything you do. It means advocating for sports programs to administrators, attending games, wearing the school colors, and being your program’s biggest fan. While there are many challenges that come with officiating and managing sports teams, the rewards are great. With proper organization and delegation of other responsibilities, athletic directors can focus on and enjoy the part of their job that really matters.

ArbiterGame for Athletic Directors

Running the athletic department doesn’t mean doing it all yourself. On top of your officiating and administrative team, you have ArbiterGame by ArbiterSports to help you tackle your responsibilities. Keep your game, facility, and transportation schedules accurate and stay ahead of any conflicts and surprises; manage your game and referee schedules privately until you’re ready to show them to fans; input and view your game details the way that works best for you; and trust our automatic updates to keep the people who need to know about games in the loop. For more about ArbiterGame or any of the other ArbiterSports solutions for school athletic departments, contact us at or by phone at 800.576.2799.