Another year is ending and a new one beginning—2017 has been a big year, even in sports. Here are some recent and heartwarming stories that the ArbiterSports team thought fit the spirit of the season. Click on any headline to learn more.

Jadeveon Clowney Turns Trash into Treasure for Kids in Need

An unfortunate turn of phrase turned into a smooth recovery for Jadeveon Clowney. After the Texans lost to the Jaguars, he called quarterback Blake Bortles “trash.” In response, Jaguars fans sent trash cans to Clowney, who decided to turn the negative into a positive: he bought toys, filled up the trash cans, and had them delivered to women and children in need.

What Moves Should MLB’s ‘Super Seven’ Teams Make Next?

There are seven MLB teams who made playoffs last year and they are all projected to win 90 or more games, and there’s plenty of time for them to get better in time for next season. So what big moves should they be looking at? Check out the teams, their additions, losses, free agents, and what people think their next move should be, and see if you agree with them.

Aaron Rodger’s Return to Injured Reserve May Have Violated League Rules

Aaron Rodgers broke his right collarbone in a Week 6 game against Minnesota but was activated from injured reserve for a game against Carolina on December 17th. Two days later, and after the Green Bay Packers’ elimination from playoff contention, he was placed on injured reserve again due to being sore. By league rules, according to other teams’ complaints to the league office, Rodgers didn’t meet the criteria that would have kept the two-time Most Valuable Player from returning to injured reserve.

The Heartwarming Connection Clay Helton Built with a Loyal USC Fan Battling Cancer

Tragedies can bring people together, and so can shared passions. Jan Moser Dyer has been a fan of USC football for many years and shared that passion with her late husband. After his sudden and unexpected death and her own bout with breast cancer, Dyer turned to football and her alma mater for something positive. In the Trojan community, she found the strength to fight on thanks to the help of USC coach Clay Helton.

Hit the Ground Running with ArbiterMobile

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