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Forbes Most Valuable Teams: Yankees Top MLB, Second American Sports Franchise

Major League Baseball is doing very well for itself, if their annual value estimates are anything to go by. The average club saw an increase in value during 2016 thanks to investment in media, and the average MLB team is now worth $1.54 billion dollars. It might not be surprising for fans to learn that the most valuable MLB team of them all is the New York Yankees. Not only are they a valuable franchise within baseball, but they rank behind the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys as the second most valuable team in the United States.

16 Unwritten Rules Of Officiating

Know who to respect when you’re on the field—it won’t always be the team’s captain. Answer only those questions that you know the answers to, and don’t give answers to comments that aren’t questions. Get the game moving and keep it that way. Don’t do more work than you have to just to look involved. Here is a collection of tips for game officials of all experience levels that would be good to remember in time for your next match.

70-Year-Old Ran Marathon on Every Continent in Just 7 Days

It’s never too late to take on a new fitness challenge, as jogger Chau Smith proved. She ran 70 marathons in her life, but wanted to do something truly special for her 70th birthday. She decided that the perfect plan was taking on the Triple 7 Quest: seven marathons across all seven continents in seven days. The event, which she spent eight months training for, took her all around the world as she flew from location to another, sleeping in between events.

ArbiterOne by ArbiterSports

Thousands of leagues, associations, referees, and others in the game officiating business use ArbiterOne to help them manage assignment details. With ArbiterOne, organizers can view, assign, and contact any or all of the officials in their roster easily. You get the complete picture too: this system helps to anticipate and prevent potential conflicts and give you access to game and official information that you need to keep things running smoothly. Evaluations and payment are also easy to manage, leaving everyone focusing on what really matters on game day. For more information or a demo, call 800.576.2799 or email