The big game just ended. A lot of scheduling and planning went on in the background to make certain the event was a success for the teams, families and fans. Now its time to ensure the officials and other event workers get paid.

In the past, this task was done with paper checks and manual data processing. The good news is that ArbiterPay™ is changing the way that leagues and athletic departments pay game officials. In fact, now over $100 million in officiating payments are processed each year through ArbiterPay. Things just got a whole lot more efficient.

What ArbiterPay Can Do

ArbiterPay is part of our powerful suite of products designed to help leagues, athletic departments and sports associations. Through our secure web-based platform, you can automate the task of paying game officials. Everything is done online, including reporting and payment processing. At the push of a button, you can make sure that everyone gets paid following a sports event. Because everything is tracked, you can easily send out 1099s at the end of each year.

ArbiterPay can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. You can feel comfortable knowing that all funds are held in trust and in U.S. government-backed accounts. Plus, we built federal and state compliance right into our system.

Let ArbiterPay Make Your Job Easier

There are numerous advantages to using ArbiterPay to manage game officials payments. By going paperless, you are able to avoid the cost of paper checks, envelopes and postage, as well as save time by not having to stuff envelopes and address checks. ArbiterPay eliminates the likelihood of checks getting lost or sent to the wrong official. 1099s are streamlined and automatically generated, which reduces the amount of hours it takes to manually create these forms.

Your sports officials will love ArbiterPay, as they will get paid faster and the money will be sent directly to their bank accounts. We have even created an ArbiterSports debit card where funds can be transferred directly. Your officials will be able to access their payments anywhere using their mobile devices and will no longer have to run to the bank to deposit their checks.

Find Out More

ArbiterPay has been a game changer for those in charge of paying officials. Find out more about ArbiterPay and how we can help you save valuable time, resources and money. We are simply a phone call or email away. Contact us at 800.576.2799 or email and a sales representative will get back to you.