Many game officials have full-time jobs and officiate on the side. Others make it a career. Whichever side of the fence an official is on, the last thing he or she wants to do is chase down a paper check. There is a convenience factor associated with receiving an electronic payment in lieu of a check, but there are other advantages, as well.

We have put together a list of a few benefits associated with paying officials electronically, which help both the organizations and the officials themselves.

1. Get Payments Out Quicker

This benefit applies to organizations and officials. Manually processing payment amounts, printing and signing checks and mailing them, is a time consuming task. An electronic payment system is typically less expensive, plus it reduces the workload and liability of information being mishandled. By using an ACH network, schools and other organizations can create a convenient and efficient structure. For officials, they no longer have to wait a long time to get paid.

2. Safety

Have you ever thought about how much personal information you write down on a W-9 form? If it ends up in the wrong hands, you could face a messy identity theft situation. When an organization adopts an electronic payment system, even W-9 forms can be handled electronically. In fact, one of the main driving forces in creating our product, ArbiterPay™, was to protect officials’ private information. You can read more in our article, The Safe Solution for Paying Sports Officials.

3. Money Doesn’t Get Lost

Checks have been known to get lost in the mail, sent to the wrong person or even stolen. For the organization, there are costs associated with investigating missing checks and reissuing new ones. For the official, it can be a major inconvenience waiting to receive the payment. Electronic payments eliminate this problem.

Go Paperless with ArbiterPay

ArbiterPay is an effective way to manage electronic payments to game officials. There is no more paper and no more hassle to deal with. Funds are FDIC insured, information is secured and important documents, such as 1099s, can easily be managed. To learn more about how ArbiterPay can benefit your organization or you, as a game official, contact us today at or 800-576-2799.