ArbiterSports Announces Expanded Payments Using ArbiterGame

New capability helps athletic departments pay all athletic event staff quickly.

June 23, 2015 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports today announced that the same popular ArbiterPay feature used to pay officials is now available for paying all other athletic event workers—including scorekeepers, timekeepers, security officers, concession vendors, and so on—immediately after the event. Current ArbiterPay customers can eliminate the hassle of creating and mailing paper checks and pay their event staff electronically with one click by adding ArbiterGame.

“Because most college, high school and youth athletic events often require dozens of contract event workers in addition to officials in order to run smoothly, ArbiterSports is expanding its convenient payment services to all event workers with ArbiterGame,” said Jeff Triplette, CEO of ArbiterSports. “Our customers can now pay any event contractor electronically and save thousands of dollars in the process.”

In addition to paying event staff, ArbiterGame users can schedule games for the entire season, send out automated reminders and view important details like who is officiating, what arrangements are made for transportation and what facility is scheduled, all from a single screen. Working in tandem with ArbiterPay, ArbiterGame provides users with a complete scheduling and payment solution, eliminating the time and hassle of doing things manually.

The ArbiterGame product starts at $225 annually and is available from ArbiterSports.