Creating and distributing officiate 1099s at the end of the year is a task dreaded by many finance departments within schools and organizations. As you likely know, per the IRS, for every independent contractor paid at least $600 during the year, a 1099 form must be generated during that tax season. The good news is that ArbiterPay™ provides a tax reporting tool that schools, leagues and associations can use to make the 1099 process simpler.

1099s Don’t Have to be a Burden

Taxes for independent contractors can be tricky to get right, especially if you are in charge of multiple chapters and payments for hundreds of officials. You might already be aware that ArbiterPay is a way to manage payments for game officials, but did you know that it can also help you make sure that everything is accurate and where it needs to be when it’s time to create 1099s?

Because ArbiterPay tracks payments throughout the year to each game official, you won’t have to sort through all the financial records to determine how much each referee was paid that year. ArbiterPay does all of that heavy lifting for you, saving you time and resources. ArbiterPay will automatically generate 1099 forms and place them into referees’ tax folders for you. We keep our web-based platform up-to-date and provide ongoing support, as needed.

The Secure and Reliable Choice

ArbiterPay is reliable and secure. All of the payments through ArbiterPay, as well as game officials’ important tax information, are protected. Taking measures to protect sensitive information, such as social security numbers, addresses and so on, can be accomplished through our system. In fact, your organization can reduce its liability by ensuring game officials’ private information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. You can read more in our article, The Safe Solution for Paying Sports Officials.

Make the Tax Season a Little More Bearable

No one likes tax season, but at least ArbiterPay can make yours a little easier. You’ll have accurate, current information and a great system that can give you everything you need. Make sure that you’re saving time and money this tax season by getting the system that can help your organization make the tax season a little more bearable.

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