The game is over, now it’s time to start issuing checks to officials and other workers involved in the sports event. Checks must be printed, envelopes addressed and payments dropped in the mail. Plus, there must be tracking for the yearly 1099s.

Paying game officials is not an easy task. This statement is even stronger when you have hundreds of officials in various chapters and locations. Streamlining and automating the process is the way to go, as it will save you time and frustration. You can improve your process of paying game officials with the help of ArbiterPay™.

A Solution for Managing Payments & More

ArbiterSports, an innovator in the use of computer technology in managing athletic events, programs, and officials, is doing the same thing for the payment process through ArbiterPay. Formerly known as RefPay, ArbiterPay is the largest payment solution for game officials at all levels of competition across the country, and with good reason.

It’s a cost-effective solution for game officials and those who manage sports events. A lot of money and time is spent on paper, envelopes, and postage when paper checks need to be filled out and sent. The problems don’t end once the check is in the mail, either: it might not arrive on time or need to be reissued if it gets lost or stolen. With ArbiterPay, game official payments are quick, secure, electronic, and can be requested at any time, eliminating all of those risks and costs. Every dollar that goes through the system is fully insured and held in trust, meaning funds can only be deposited in FDIC instruments. Plus, all of the income tax information that ArbiterPay uses is kept secure.

A Platform That’s Kept in Great Shape

ArbiterPay is also a very convenient tool that’s kept in great shape. It’s a web-based system that updates regularly. State and federal tax compliance regulations are even built in and kept current. ArbiterPay can automatically generate 1099s and even place them in a personal tax folder if that’s a feature that the group chooses to use. W-9s can also be generated, stored, and accessed in the future, making auditing less of a headache.

ArbiterPay can stand-alone or be integrated with any of the other products in the ArbiterSports’ suite. It is free to use for sports officials, and anyone who participates in or supports the hosting of an athletic event is eligible for an account and payment. While it’s a very easy system to use, free, 24/7 tech support is available over the phone or online, and the support staff is open to questions and suggestions about potential improvements and future software integrations. Contact us today by calling 800.576.2799 or emailing

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