ArbiterSports™ and Peopletrail™ Announce Systems Integration

Athletic assigners and leagues will now have the option of using Peopletrail to conduct background checks to determine eligibility of their officiating staffs to work athletic contests.

May 8, 2014 (Sandy, Utah) — ArbiterSports, the established leader in athletic event management, and Peopletrail, an accredited, leading provider of background check and screening services, today announced a systems integration that will offer athletic assigners and leagues the ability to request background checks as part of their officiating eligibility process. This new capability will help assigners and leagues gain trusted intelligence as part of scheduling and assigning officials for athletic contests.

“ArbiterSports is the industry-standard platform for registering and assigning officials,” said ArbiterSports President and CEO Jeff Triplette. “This Peopletrail integration will give assigners and leagues a convenient and legally compliant way to conduct background checks on officials should they require this service.”

ArbiterSports clients desiring background checks will be directed to Peopletrail via a Web link to request the background check. Peopletrail will return results to the client; from there the client can determine if the person is approved for assignments and schedule them using the ArbiterSports system.

“We are pleased to be able to address a key issue of officiating, and that’s the character of the officials themselves,” said Peopletrail President and CEO Wally Davis. “It’s one thing to be trained on the latest officiating rules. It’s another thing to be ready to work a game and to have a clear personal record.”

Current ArbiterSports customers will be able to start linking to Peopletrail through ArbiterWorks and ArbiterOne beginning this June.