Attendance and Health Tracking


Arbiter Registration Offers Options for Attendance Tracking

We get it! Present and Absent do not cover all scenarios in a classroom. With Arbiter Registration (formerly FamilyID),  we’ve added improved attendance status options Tardy and Excused (with updated color-coding).

attendance tracking app

We created these new status options for you because you need the flexibility to track Tardy participants or who have a legitimate excuse for missing a practice or game. This has become increasingly important as health situations become more and more prevalent in our daily lives.

Event-Based Health Tracking Questions

Do you need your coaches, instructors or other staff to collect information about each participant at an event as they take attendance? Now you can add Tracking Field questions to attendance reports so your coaches can uniformly collect specific information for each participant at every event and ensure no one on the field has a fever or a cough.

event based health tracking app

These fields are fully customizable. That means you have full control to set up and word your tracking field questions however you like (or however your district requires). And because there will be constant health concerns from this point forward, this feature will prove invaluable as the year progresses.

Attendance Notes

And as an added feature and bonus, you can give your coaches the valuable ability to ‘Add Notes’ to any participant's attendance record. Did an athlete need to leave practice early? Now you can allow your coaches to record that information — it’s as easy as tap and type!

attendance notes app

We’re thrilled to be able to help your Athletic Department do their job effectively while taking a huge administrative chore off their plate. As times remain uncertain, ArbiterSports and Arbiter Registration will continue to assist you in all ways possible.