Whether you are the one sending officiating payments or receiving them, automation is the way to go. Paper checks and manual processing takes up too much valuable time, which is why ArbiterPay™ has become a popular choice within the sports event management industry with over $100 million in payments being processed annually through the system.

Not only are sports event workers paid quickly and effortlessly, but they also have the option of using an ArbiterSports debit card. ArbiterPay has become the quickest and easiest way to manage payments, no matter which side of the process you are on.

There are many individuals and organizations that benefit from ArbiterPay. Below is a glimpse of each group and how ArbiterPay has improved their game.

Game Officials

Game officials no longer have to wait to receive paper checks in the mail or hustle to the bank to deposit the money. With ArbiterPay, the funds are deposited electronically into a checking account or transferred directly to an ArbiterSports debit card. ArbiterPay has been a game changer for sports officials. After officiating a game, the money can be available in time to pay for a dinner out.


Schools and municipalities are able to pay sports event workers, including officials, electronically through ArbiterPay. The system records the payment information, which makes it easy to generate a 1099 each year. ArbiterPay saves a whole lot of time and money when processing officiating payments.


Associations are also using ArbiterPay to manage payments to workers at athletic events, by automating the process. As an example of how ArbiterPay is helping associations, one state interscholastic athletic association has been using it to simplify the payment process for officials in its various chapters.


Paymasters are no longer bogged down with the tedious bookkeeping tasks of paying officials and other workers. ArbiterPay has the built-in capability to mass pay multiple officials and track the payment history. Our platform eliminates lost/stolen checks, stop payments and postage.

Check Out ArbiterPay

Find out what ArbiterPay can do for you individually or as an organization today by calling 800.576.2799 or emailing sales@arbitersports.com. If you have general questions about ArbiterPay that you would like answered even before contacting us, read our article, Top 5 Questions About ArbiterPay. ArbiterPay, the game officials payment platform, is part of the suite of products offered by ArbiterSports.