2022 Product Highlights

We are listening.

Based on your feedback, we continue to make improvements across our key solutions including Payments, Eligibility, Registration, Assigning & Scheduling.  

Your feedback contributes to our product roadmap and our product vision. 2022 was jam-packed with exciting updates and we’re pleased to share the highlights across the Arbiter platform. We are innovating quickly with product releases every other week, for full details, please refer to the Release Notes. We continue to focus on our core solutions and consolidating those solutions into a single, all-in-one solution.

You can also check out what's coming and provide your feedback directly with our Arbiter Product Portal.  The portal provides real-time visibility into the roadmap, ability to add comments to each feature and provides an easy way to submit feedback for new ideas. We want to hear from you!

You: Our Customer Love sprints are dedicated to identifying opportunities to improve areas that may slow down your day. The product team works closely with our support team to isolate areas of friction and implement innovative solutions.

People: We have aligned our Product Teams to focus on our core solutions of Eligibility, Scheduling and Payments. Each core solution has a dedicated team that includes a Product Manager, Product Owner, Engineering, Quality Assurance and UX Design.

Process: Throughout the year, we seek feedback through surveys, interviews, and research. The input we gather helps us better understand what is most important to you, which in turn determines how we make critical investments in product development.

Our User Experience process puts you first with user research interviews for all new features and enhancements. We’ve had hundreds of customers participate in research, interviews and testing throughout 2022. Please let us know if you’re interested in participating.



The payments system you know and love continues to get better and better!

  • Associations can now require Officials to set up their Pay account during Registration. 
  • Officials can set up their Pay account within seconds and maintain a single account.
  • With Instant Transfer, Officials now have the option to receive their Arbiter Pay funds instantly.
  • 1099 dashboard provides historical and current 1099s for printing, downloading and emailing.
  • Your Pay dashboard now streamlines all accounts, transaction history and new export options.
  • Enhanced security to ensure account ownership when linking bank accounts
Download the ArbiterSports mobile app today



Encourage fans to download and favorite their school and teams. Streamline updates fans who follow their favorite team. Stay tuned for upcoming GoFan integration within the app!  Manage scores while on the field and confirm assignments for each event.  

Paying officials and event workers just got even easier with our latest ArbiterSports mobile app update!

Schools continue to benefit from our mobile updates while parents & fans can also use the app to follow their favorite team or school. Schools can now login to the ArbiterSports app, and if they have authorized access, now have access to many new features:


Mobile Payments

Paying officials and event workers just got even easier with our latest ArbiterSports mobile app update!

Add/Edit Scores

Schools can now login to the ArbiterSports app, and if they have authorized access, can now add/edit scores for their teams

View Assignments

Schools can view Officials & Workers assignments and contact information for your events.

Team Roster

Parents, fans, public can view team rosters for each school team.

Sync & Share Calendar

Add events to calendar and share game details with anyone, from your mobile app.

I am liking the new mobile app so far and love the ability to add scores. I also like how Arbiter has been so open to change lately.

Student Registration

Our Student Registration continues to simplify the registration process for schools & districts across the nation.  Our product team worked with many schools either through survey responses, interviews or prototype testing to identify improvements. 

Throughout 2022, new integration touch points were released to further integrate our Scheduling and Student Registration solutions to streamline building rosters based on registration data and allowing those rosters to appear on ArbiterLive and Mobile! 

You'll see many more updates in this area during 2023, including Student Transfer visibility at the State Association level! 

Arbiter Registration product screenshots

Team Rosters

Students who register with the school will automatically integrate with Scheduling and allow Schools to create rosters, print eligibility lists, and display roster information to fans!

Scheduling & Registration

You can now access Student Registration from within Arbiter Scheduling!  Streamline building your team rosters by using both Registration and Scheduling. Learn more here!


In partnership with NCSA and CollegeAdvisor, we've added an optional feature for parents interested in one-on-one guidance on the admissions process for both athletic & academic applications.  

UETA Compliance

Your registration forms comply with UETA compliance regulations when agreements require an electronic signature. 

Approved Status

In the Student Registration Mobile app, coaches can now confirm if a student is approved to play. 

Athletic Designation

Improve reporting by designating program type (athletic, non-athletic, or combined) when creating registration programs.

Share Reports

When sharing reports, Admins can now select a specific date to send the email and make sharing dates a specific date, daily, weekly or monthly.


A major focus for our scheduling efforts is to improve the integration between assigners and schools. 

We believe in the power of an all-in-one system that improves communication and ensures all parties are on the same page.  During 2022, we improved touch points across the platform for all users with a focus on the assigner & athletic director communication.

We ♥️ our Assigners. 

Crew Assignments

When Crew Assigning, if a crew member is not available, we will leave that members spot open and not bump the other crew members up a position.

Email & Announcements

Assigners now have enhanced features, including spell check, within the email feature for Officials. A text editor has also been added to the Announcements page to help craft the perfect announcement (yes, including spell check!)

School Touch Points

Improved communication touch points to reduce uncertainty across the assigners and schools.

School Contacts

Assigners can now easily see the list of School contacts for sites, teams, and bill-tos 



With thousands of schools in the Arbiter ecosystem, the communication and visibility across assigners and schools is critical.  

Communication with parents and fans can also be difficult, unless you're using Arbiter!


Fan Engagement

In addition to sharing schedules, scores and rosters, schools can now promote their GoFan digital tickets on Arbiter Live and share social media links.

Account Dashboard

Your new dashboard provides an enhanced card-style view while grouping School accounts and Association accounts to improve visibility across accounts. 

Away Event Workers

Added the ability to schedule and pay Event Workers for away games  

Contract Management

Contracts can be accepted or declined directly from the edit game screen 

League Scheduler

Improvements to the League Scheduler feature to streamline schedule creation across the league.

View Only Access

For Schools that wanted to give more people access to their accounts without allowing them to edit the information, they can now add users with only the ability to view the schedule. Get everyone on the same page by making sure they have the access they need.  

Public Schedules

Schools that use ArbiterLive.com to share schedules with parents and fans noticed a fresh new look in 2022.   Fans have an improved experience for and can continue to favorite, follow and receive notifications on game changes, view rosters, etc.


Our Eligibility platform Eligibility includes many components that support collecting the required data from your officials, event workers and parents to ensure the necessary compliance requirements have been met, statewide. 

Whether you’re using one or more components, our teams are ready to support you.  

Official Eligibility

Improved Monitoring

Added the ability to view $0 payments and allow for improved monitoring and the ability to unregister, regardless of payment.

User Experience

Improved usability for both state admins and officials throughout the entire process.

Background Checks

Configure Background Check expiration dates and verify your officials are still eligible to be scheduled for games.

Flexibility for Officials

Officials can now unenroll from a specific Eligibility Tier from the Eligibility Dashboard, simplifying the administration for your office.

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