Arbiter Eligibility

Giving You The Ability To Simplify Eligibility

Eligibility of officials and other workers can be complex. But not with Arbiter. We give you the ability to train and manage them with ease.

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Arbiter Eligibility

How On Earth Did We Exist Without It?

The best part of doing eligibility through Arbiter is built-in 100% compliance! Your assigners can rest easy knowing that your officials are all eligible.

Become Knowledgeable

Administer and manage tests to officials; you can even customize those tests if you wish. Provide refs with materials to make them more informed and better at their craft with educational tools.

Be Compliant

Our Arbiter Eligibility background check system assures you can hire with peace of mind. Knowledge isn’t just power, knowledge is compliance.

Know The Rules

We provide an online database that’s easily accessible by your network of officials that they can use at any time for refresher courses, pre-game rules updates, and even video tutorials for training.

Build A Portal

If you want, you can easily build your own official online portal, exclusively for your own network of refs, where you can communicate, train, and publish your own materials.

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Great product, simple to navigate, reliable and quick customer service with any problem. Follow the leader!
Fred Barleta

Hazleton Area School District- Athletic Director

Be Everything

When you choose Arbiter, you have everything to train, do background checks, certify eligibility, pay your officials, and delight your universe. 

We’re the only provider that provides it all.