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Pay Your 1099 Workers In 10 Seconds Or Maybe 9.9 Seconds

The best digital payment solution for 1099 workers in high school and higher ed sports and scholastic events. There’s something to be said for being the best.

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Arbiter Pay

ArbiterPay makes life easy for schools, leagues, associations and officials!

Take Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay and all the others, mix them together and you have the best payment platform for High School and Higher Ed. 

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It’s Convenient & Efficient

Streamline almost all of your accounting and payable processes. Increase accuracy and accountability with digital payments. Pay as many 1099 workers as you want in seconds.

Digitally Pay Anyone

The sky’s the limit, pay your officials, security and concession personnel, transportation and facility workers, even pay tutors, therapists and businesses.


Arbiter Pay has made it easier for our member schools to pay their officials. With one click they can verify the official showed up for the game and transfer money from the school's account to the official's account.

Jeff Cluff
Jeff Cluff

Supervisor of Officials
Utah High School Activities Association

It’s As Simple As 1, 2, 3.

It really is. Set up your account online, fund your account, and start making payments. Arbiter handles the issuance of all 1099s and manages all record keeping and reporting.

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$2.5+ Billion

We’ve processed over $2.5 billion in payments.

210,000 Officials

We've paid over 210,000 officials in the last three years.

65 Million Americans

We've impacted a total of 65 million Americans, one in every five of us, with our products.

Your 1099 Workers Deserve The Best