Who We Serve

ArbiterSports Serves Over 65 Million Americans, One In Every Five Of Us

From state associations, governing organizations, student-athletes, and officials, to school districts, high schools, middle schools, colleges, assigners, parents and dozens of different 1099 workers, ArbiterSports operates within an ecosystem that is the heartbeat of America; K12 and college sports and event management.

State Associations and Governing Bodies

State associations heavily rely on Arbiter’s extensive portfolio of products for registration, eligibility and compliance, scheduling, and payment of workers in an effort to promote technology consistency, compliance and enforcement, and unified views of data and information within particular states and organizations.

Sports Official Assigners

This group of critical stakeholders coordinates the scheduling, eligibility and payment of game day officials. In their role, assigners are the lifeblood of amateur sports, and Arbiter is an assigner’s lifeblood. With hundreds of thousands of officials working millions of games and matches, Arbiter helps assigners manage the intricacies of their business.

School Districts, Schools and Universities

Within universities, districts and schools, Arbiter focuses on athletic directors, superintendents, technology and financial personnel, and with Arbiter Registration, teachers and curriculum professionals. Districts and schools using Arbiter, along with their governing organizations, seamlessly share data, streamline operations at every level, and benefit from a wide variety of time-saving features within the Arbiter Mobile App.

Officials, Event Personnel and 1099 Workers

This group of people are critical to the successful operations of athletics and events and use Arbiter Scheduling and Arbiter Pay extensively. In fact, many of these 1099 workers are impacting more than gameday events; they are playing a key role in a vast array of education disciplines and are compensated through Arbiter Pay for their efforts in tutoring, counseling, and consulting

Parents and Student-Athletes

With Arbiter’s products, parents and student-athletes can easily access event schedules and notifications online or though the Arbiter Mobile App. They can also sign up for programs and timely matters and occurrences in seconds with their single account registration account. And in real-time, they can receive alerts, notifications and reminders throughout the day.


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