2023 Summer Product Highlights

2023 Summer Product Highlights

We are listening.

At Arbiter HQ, we are innovating quickly with product releases every other week, for full details, please refer to the Release Notes. 

You can also check out what's coming and provide your feedback directly with our Arbiter Product Portal.  The portal provides real-time visibility into the roadmap, ability to add comments to each feature and provides an easy way to submit feedback for new ideas. We want to hear from you!

Having 3 dedicated product teams brings several benefits, including specialized expertise, faster innovation and enhanced product quality. With a customer-centric approach, our teams can focus on building solutions for YOU with your input to guide our priorities and keep Arbiter focused on what is most important.  


We are thrilled to share the exciting developments at Arbiter for high school state associations, designed to revolutionize how you manage your association and member schools.  Thanks to the numerous states that participated in our product development process (UX research, interview, prototype testing and more), we are excited to share the latest tools developed with and for our State Associations. 

  1. Spend less time on administrative work and more on enhancing the high school sports and activities experience.
  2. Stay connected, share information, and collaborate effortlessly through real-time visibility, messaging, and document sharing capabilities.
  3. Comprehensive compliance management ensures fair play and eligibility adherence. Simplify processes, minimize conflicts, and make informed decisions swiftly.

Join us at Arbiter as we transform how high school state associations operate. Embrace a new era of efficiency, communication, and seamless coordination for an elevated experience!


Gain real-time visibility across your state with the new Student Transfer Dashboard which now provides transfer details, history of changes, commentary and the ability to status selected transfers. 

Move your statewide student transfer process online and ensure statewide compliance!


Manage your member school details and the staff accounts for each member school using the upgraded School Dashboard.

  • View School Details 
  • Edit School Details
  • Add New Staff  
  • Edit Staff Permissions


View and edit alignment designations across your state with the School Alignment feature.


For over a decade, associations have managed their Official Eligibility within Arbiter.  

During 2023, we have added in managing your member schools and we will soon add Coach Eligibility.  Setup, manage and monitor state requirements from a variety of options including registration, fees, testing, in-person clinic and background checks.    




Collect the required information from your Member Schools each year, including sports and fees associated, when you use the School Registration.  

Real-Time Access

Provide member schools the ability to register within Arbiter each year. 

Flexible fee logic

Setup member school pricing structure and allow member schools to register, automate calculation of member dues for school year.

Simplify Monitoring & Reporting

Quickly monitor status of the registration process to identify missing registrations or payments. 


We launched several features to improve the user experience for your schools & associations including managing student transfers online, introducing payments from the field, broadening information available to parents & fans from their public portal - Arbiter Live and much more... Please continue to share these enhancements, encourage others to download the ArbiterSports app, check out the Release Notes and keep an eye on the Product Roadmap @ roadmap.arbitersports.com 



Paying officials and event workers just got even easier with our ArbiterSports mobile app update!

Schools continue to benefit from our mobile updates while parents & fans can also use the app to follow their favorite team or school. 

Encourage fans to download and favorite their school and teams. Streamline updates to fans who follow their favorite team.    

  • View Officials & Workers assigned 
  • Make Payments 
  • Add/Edit Scores

I am liking the new mobile app so far and love the ability to add scores. I also like how Arbiter has been so open to change lately.


Schools that use ArbiterLive.com to share schedules with parents and fans have an improved experience which allows those fans to favorite, follow and receive notifications on game changes, view rosters, etc. Schools can use their School Settings to share their social media and other sites to provide fans with immediate access to all outlets!

  • Real-time schedules & notifications for Fans
  • Access to Student Registration for Families
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Buy Tickets Online
  • Live Stream Events (Fall 2023)
  • Shop @ the Team Store (Fall 2023)



We are committed to improving the communication between assigners and schools.  We believe in the power of an all-in-one system that improves collaboration, provides transparency and simplifies  communication will always ensure all parties are on the same page. 


An exciting new development in the world of soccer officiating with our new integration with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) that will allow assigners to track officials' USSF certification statuses through Arbiter Eligibility platform.

Our new integration with US Soccer Federation will provide assigners with a simple and streamlined way to monitor officials' certification status, making it easier than ever to ensure that all officials are up to date and eligible to officiate games. 

With this new feature, you will be able to quickly and easily see which officials are certified and which ones may need additional training or certification. 

  • USSF Certification requirements within Arbiter Eligibility 
  • Real-time requirement monitoring 
  • View real-time expiration dates
  • Requirement status visible to Official & Association/Assigner


We continue to focus on security & compliance across our solutions.   

  • Completed a comprehensive SOC2 Type 2 Audit of our applications, systems, and operations to provide the highest level of compliance.
  • Deployed best of class Monitoring and Detection services for our devices, networks and cloud environments to ensure the highest level of protection. 
  • Continually evaluating new privacy laws and expanding our privacy program to ensure protection of personal information

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We would love to hear your ideas for improvement - check out the Product Portal and choose "+ Submit Idea"

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