Digital Payment Insights


Executive Overview

In 2022, ArbiterSports hosted a national webinar titled: How digital payments help alleviate the stress of athletic budgets, streamline operations and recruit officials. The webinar was moderated by Kyle Ford, President and CEO of ArbiterSports with headquarters in Sandy, UT, and the esteemed panelists included Lanness Robinson and Max Kattwinkel.

About Lanness Robinson
Lanness serves as athletic director of Hillsborough County Public Schools which is located in Tampa, FL. The district serves 213,000 students, operates on a $3.3 billion budget, is home to more than 15,000 teachers, 25,000 support staff, and includes 250 individual schools. Lanness was elected as the Region A At-Large representative to the NIAAA Board of Directors by the membership at the 2016 National Athletic Directors Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. He was selected by the Board of Directors to become the 41st President of the NIAAA Board in 2020. Lanness became the fourth Floridian to serve as President of the NIAAA Board of

About Max Kattwinkel
Max is the athletic director of Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District which serves over 6,500 students through the expertise of more than 500 teachers. Prior to his position as athletic director, Max was a champion high school football coach compiling a 59-18 record at the school including an undefeated regular season campaign with the most wins in the school’s 86 year history as well as coaching in the school’s first ever nationally televised athletic event with the upset of top ranked Stephenville. Max graduated with his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and his Bachelor’s in Education from Texas Tech University.

The findings and takeaways from this webinar and the thoughts, narratives and feedback from Lanness and Max are represented in this research report.