Health Tracking for Schools


Using Arbiter Registration For Health Tracking In Schools

As schools organize for a new academic year, there is still a lot of uncertainty about what kind of student health information will need to be collected and tracked. In all of this uncertainty, one thing remains clear: schools need to be ready for anything.

Here are some recent product updates that we’ve made to Arbiter Registration (formerly FamilyID) so that schools have the flexibility to adapt to new regulations and data collection requirements.

Tracking Health History

In light of guidance from the CDC and local and state officials, Arbiter Registration has added new standard health questions that schools can quickly add to any registration form for any program.

Many of our schools are already using these questions as they collect their registration information for new student enrollment, summer conditioning, and fall activities.

communicable disease software screenshot

Collecting Immunization Records & Physical Exam Forms

Arbiter Registration allows schools to securely collect any immunization form, physical exam form, and other documentation with a simple file upload from parents. Our software also allows schools to track when physicals expire and notify families of upcoming expiration dates.

primary care software screenshot

Distributing New Parent Agreements & Collecting e-Signatures

As always, schools have the flexibility to create any custom question your district may need to inquire about and easily add new agreements for parents. Parents cannot submit a form to your school without completing the agreement.

parent agreement software screenshot

Tracking Health Information When Taking Attendance

Arbiter Registration also has an application in our Attendance Tracking where schools can add custom questions, called Tracking Fields, to reports. These Tracking Fields allow schools to track whatever specific information they may need for individuals when taking attendance.

Tracking Fields are 100% customizable and schools can collect any information required. See below for an example of how a school could track COVID symptoms for students or other health concerns regardless if they’re on a national level or local.

event tracking software screenshot

In Conclusion

Over the last two years, we have learned that just about any health crisis can “hit” us at any time. It is, without question, the new normal.  We don’t know what the new school year will bring, but we do know that no matter what health concerns or crises may come our way, Arbiter Registration is here to help you keep your school staff, students and community safe and paper-free.

ArbiterSports will continue to be here to support your organization, your families, and your program management needs in the very best ways we can.