Sportsmanship Webinar


ArbiterSports and Athletic Business Magazine recently hosted a sportsmanship webinar with hundreds of registrants.

Now, you can watch the most talked about webinar in the last 10 years of our industry: How sportsmanship is impacting the shortage of officials and what are some possible solutions.

As one webinar attendee said, "A HUGE THANK YOU to all panelists! It was a fantastic session! I look forward to getting the recording to share with my Coaching Psychology class in a few weeks and our Athletics Department. I truly appreciate your dedication to this and the great advice shared!”. And as another stated, “I have attended hundreds of webinars, from quantum physics to standup comedy, but the referee shortage webinar was one of the two or three best webinars I have ever attended. The speakers provided very good ideas and they all coordinated their comments well. Simply excellent”.

What more can we say? Except please watch and share this hugely important webinar with your associates and staff. The stories and advice from Athletic Directors and former coaches, Darryl Nance and Kevin Dustin, are game-changing and must be implemented in all schools across the country. ArbiterSports is honored to have been the catalyst for this discussion and one of the leading voices and thought leaders regarding sportsmanship and its impact on the shortage of officials.

Watch The Webinar